Pavarotti Italian Restaurant 

65 Hamlet Court Road 

Westcliff On Sea 




Opening Times

12pm - 2.30pm  - Booking required

5pm - 12am

Tel: 01702 391789

Created by Pavlos Kritikos

        Pavarotti Limited

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About Pavarotti

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Pavarotti Restaurant


Pavarotti Restaurant can comfortably accommodate 80 people. It is known for its fine dining, providing exceptional food, and presenting the food beautifully with wonderful customer service. Pavarotti Restaurant uses McKenna meat, which is known for being distinctly succulent and tender. Pavarotti gets its fresh produce from Smithfield Market in London. Pavarotti serves Rossi's ice cream, which is popular in the area. The restaurant caters for weddings, events and celebrations. Pavarotti is only a short walk away from the theatre.  



The History of the Building


Pavarotti Restaurant was built in 1901 as The Capital and Counties Bank Ltd and in 1929 it became The Lloyds Bank. 


It remained a bank until 1993 when it was transformed into a restaurant.


Pavarotti Restaurant still has the original bank vault and safe. So if you are visiting Pavarotti on a week-day and would like to view it, upon request you can be given a tour.


Pavlos - Proprietor and Host


Pavlos Kritikos has a passion for fine dining. His love for cooking delicious meals, his attention to detail with presentation, and his delight in absolute customer enjoyment provides Pavlos with the perfect ingredients to make your night a truly memorable one. Pavlos loves to cook flambé as he gets to enjoy talking with guests and loves wowing customers as he cooks by their table.


Pavlos is a water sports enthusiast and in his free time enjoys kite surfing and stand up paddle boarding. He also enjoys Salsa dancing! 


Most of all Pavlos is your humble host, happy to answer any questions and make your Pavarotti fine dining experience a magical night to remember.